This website provides an introduction and the background for a sustainable business model for a for-profit postsecondary education organization. Through careful analysis of various data, a selection of programs offering training in high-demand occupations and in green-field MSA's have been identified. Further, a team of professionals with a track record of growth and success have been identified and assembled. The result is a business model for a for-profit postsecondary education organization that will result in sustainable returns on investments.

The process began with an evaluation of the for-profit postsecondary education's current and future role in providing America with an adequate and sustainable labor force. The evaluation continued with an assessment of labor demand in specific occupations, in specific regions versus the capacity of America's postsecondary institutions to provide the necessary training to fulfill the demand. We have included a detailed explanation of the methodology by which programs and regions were chosen. Areas analyzed include:

  • The projected state of the American Labor Market over this decade
  • Projected growth rate of occupations by educational/vocational training
  • Regional analysis of those occupations (at the MSA level)
  • Analyzing the relationship between the regional growth rate of those occupations to the rate in which students graduating with the skill set required for those occupations
  • Evaluation of existing institutions for possible acquisition

Government indicators and projections along with credible industry sources are used to analyze for-profit educators' current and future roles in American postsecondary education. Results show that for-profit postsecondary education will play crucial and expanding role in meeting America's demand for skilled workers.

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein